With this ring, I wed thee 💍

We all have our ‘zones’. It’s a magic place we go to forget everything, make the unusual happen and live a little bigger.

Videography is it for me. Scoping, scripting, shooting, editing — the level of attention it renders only compares to coming up for fresh air.

Our wedding came with all the traumas signature to Asian unions. As you can imagine, I’d have wanted to do something for myself. Sanction a corner of my mind. So I did.

I collected some photographs and set up shop right by my parents’ haphazard collection of plants. An unusual backdrop, but the perfect mood for our garden wedding.

The narrative hadn’t yet been written, but its fate had been decided — that it would be a gift for myself, my better half and every guest present.

Happy marriage, Andy, I love you.

Shot on Canon EOS 5D
Edited on Final Cut Pro X